Anytime,on their own.

Anytime,on their own.

The only indoor potty solution for toy breeds, including males who lift their leg.

The closed environment confines the doggy making them feel safe, secure, all while offering visual privacy for doggy parents. Doggies can independently use their bathroom when they naturally need to – and on their own! 

Create independence, build trust, and say goodbye to messy cleanups and bad weather walks!


Your doggie can freely walk into their bathroom, turn around, choose a side to lift his leg or squat to eliminate. Our male Doggy Bathroom is outfitted with rails on either side to securely hold our custom pee pads vertically. The female Doggy Bathroom is designed just the same but without the rails. Simply lay down one of our perfectly-fitted pee pads. The exterior of the base is coated with a light rubberized finish to keep the Doggy Bathroom securely in place.

Biodegradable Pee Pads

Doggies can use their private bathroom whenever they want. Simply replace the custom fitted biodegradable pee pads to freshen up as needed. Using just your fingertips, simply peel back the adhesive strip from the pee pad and gently tap it along each rail. One pad runs down each side and onto the floor by a few inches for extra protection. One size fits both sides and bottom.

Welcome Mat

Keep your floors and carpets pristine with the plush Welcome Mat, made from washable, absorbent microfibre terrycloth. At the entrance to the
Doggy Bathroom, the mat is gentle and soft to the touch so your doggy will love to enter and exit the bathroom whenever the urge strikes. New
colours and patterns will be released seasonally to coordinate with your own personal environment.

Cleanliness is serious.

It’s why we used antibacterial plastic and easy to change pee pads. A carefully designed system lets you replace pee pads in seconds using just your fingertips. The Doggy Bathroom keeps your floor and walls protected by keeping everything confined in one small space. We also designated a place for extra protection at the doorstep of the Doggy Bathroom called the welcome mat. It’s completely on the exterior and it keeps any unwanted paw prints from going beyond where they shouldn’t.

Your dog’s own private bathroom.

Design is our business. The Doggy Bathroom offers visual privacy for both pets and parents. Its sleek design and sharp lines offer cutting-edge, modern style for any home, condo, cottage or hotel room. We also know that size matters so we designed the Doggy Bathroom to be as small as possible while providing enough room for doggies to freely move around.

Do less for more.

Register online to receive your monthly subscription of custom fitted, biodegradable pee pads delivered right to your doggy door. Using just your fingertips, subscribe and replace pee pads in just seconds. Easy to use, easier to love.

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There’s nothing quite like man’s best friend. Everyone should have a best friend - and I built this product on that same belief. That a dog should be more than just a pet. That above all, owning a dog should be absolutely simple, fun and easy to love.” -Alain


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