What Type of Dog to Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Sterling O'Brien
Dog Zodiac Italian Greyhound Sterling O'Brien Dog Zodiac Italian Greyhound Sterling O'Brien

Deciding what breed of dog to get can feel like a big decision. Every dog breed has different personality and behavioral traits, and it is important to find your best match. We use our zodiac signs to assess compatibility with a human partner, so why not use your star sign to find your furry best friend!

ARIES – Pomeranian 

Pomeranians may be small, but they are mighty! They know how to command attention with their vivacious personality, much like an Aries who is dynamic and competitive with a cheerful temperament. 

TAURUS – Toy Poodle 

Just like a graceful and bull-minded Taurus, Toy Poodles are a dependable, passionate and smart dog breed that will be devoted and loyal to their humans. 

GEMINI – Bichon Frise

Geminis are expressive, curious and kind people who need a furry companion like a Bichon Frise that is full of personality, attentive and confident, with endless amounts of love to give. 

CANCER – Italian Greyhound

An elegant breed, Italian Greyhounds (aka Iggy) are sensitive, alert, playful and extremely affectionate – a great furry friend for an intuitive and loyal Cancer. 

LEO – Yorkie

As a fire sign, a Leo needs a furry friend to keep up with their confident, outgoing, and ambitious personality. Yorkies embody the fierce and brave qualities of a terrier making them the perfect fit for this vibrant star sign. 

VIRGO – Beagle

Bred to hunt, Beagles are loyal companions with an easy-going temperament making them fun-loving company for a kind and hard-working Virgo. 

LIBRA – Cavapoo

Cavapoos inherit the best traits from both their parents. They are extroverted, playful, curious, and cuddly dogs – the perfect match for a social, clever, and idealistic Libra. 

SCORPIO – Chihuahua

Don’t be fooled by a Chihuahuas tiny size – they are a small breed with a big-dog attitude! Boasting loads of confidence, this brave little pup is the best companion for a loyal and determined Scorpio. 


As the most optimistic of the zodiac signs, a Sagittarius needs a pup to complement their positive and extroverted disposition. Though mischievous, Pugs are charming, playful, and always happy!

CAPRICORN – Dachshund

A bit stubborn, a little playful and very intelligent, a Dachshund is a great sidekick for a serious and independent Capricorn. 

AQUARIUS – French Bulldog

As one of the most adaptable breeds, Frenchies are highly alert and completely irresistible – an ideal furry friend for a deeply imaginative and uncompromising Aquarius.

PISCES – Maltipoo

This creative and empathetic star sign needs a furry best friend that can reciprocate their affection. Maltipoos are gentle, devoted, and loving – a perfect match for a sensitive Pisces. 

Choosing the right dog breed is an exciting and significant decision, and aligning your choice with your zodiac sign can add a fun and meaningful layer to the process. Each star sign has unique characteristics that can be perfectly complemented by the personality traits of different dog breeds. From the vivacious Pomeranian for the dynamic Aries to the gentle Maltipoo for the empathetic Pisces, there's a furry friend out there that can perfectly match your astrological sign. Let the stars guide you in finding your new best friend, and enjoy the companionship of a dog that truly resonates with your cosmic nature. Happy explorations!