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Our Commitment

We make exceptional products that contribute to the enhancement of the relationship between people and their furry companions because everyone deserves a best friend. We also care about how we produce these items and how the affect the world we live in. Get to know us!


We transform and donate damaged Doggy Bathrooms into animal beds so they can find a new purpose in sanctuaries where they are needed most.

More about this mission
No Landfill Policy

We support our community and environment by recycling and donating returned or damaged items, ensuring nothing ends up in a landfill.


Design is the answer. Our products are crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure exceptional results in everything we do.

Why less is more
Friendly Canadians

Doggy Bathrooms are made in Montreal with non-toxic, recyclable materials ensuring safety for all including our pets, and environmental friendliness.

Hello, bonjour !
Meet the Founders

Alain is an award-winning designer based in Montreal, Quebec. As the creator and founder of the Doggy Bathroom, he's created a product that makes pet ownership cleaner and easier. It’s the only dog litter box on the market for small breeds that keeps everything in one, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, sleekly designed space.

Sterling is a pup with purpose. He is the inspiration behind the Doggy Bathroom and leads our testing and development team at our head office in Montreal. He is an avid sunbather and hates cold winters.

Liam is a rescue pup and Sterling’s nephew. He is the head of the customer service department at Doggy Bathroom and loves interacting with people. You can always catch him sleeping under a blanket or snuggling with others. Evidently, he’s a Pisces.

Our Story

Hi, I'm Sterling!

I was adopted in February 2016 as a handsome 11-week-old male Italian greyhound puppy. I was trained successfully with pee pads as well as outdoor walks, but quickly outgrew the pee pads on the floor as I developed into a teenager and began to lift my leg. In doing so, I made accidental messes all over the floor and all over myself.

I’m also very resistant to our cold Canadian winters and given I was daddy’s daily work companion at his design firm, multiple walks during the day weren’t always feasible. Like most small dogs, quick and easy access to a little private area is important because I have a small bladder and high metabolism.

Thankfully, after a lot of trial and error we came up with the perfect solution featuring vertical pee pads. This allowed me to lift my leg without making a mess. We named it - Doggy Bathroom!


Viva Las Vegas!
By June 2019, Dad and I knew we had come up with something special and so we traveled all the way to Las Vegas to unveil the Doggy Bathroom at SuperZoo Expo – and the response was overwhelming!

After the much anticipated reveal at SuperZoo Expo in Las Vegas, the Doggy Bathroom was successfully funded on Kickstarter  in less than 45 days. Over 189 backers from around the world, collectively pledged $45,855 to help bring this project to life.

The New Guy

Hello, my name is Liam.

I am a rescue pup. In 2019, I was surrendered by my first family for not being potty trained. I eventually grew scared and insecure which led to more accidents. Tried as I might, I just couldn't get it right and things kept getting worse. Then, one day, a man knocked at the door and he took me home. Little did I know, this was going to be my fur-ever home.

My dad tells me there must have been a mixup at the reservation desk when I checked out of my litter because I was always meant to be with Sterling and my two dads. Fate, he calls it!

After about six weeks, I learned how to use the Doggy Bathroom by observing Sterling and I stopped having accidents in the house. I'm a good boy now! ♡

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We strive to make a mark and leave an impact by blending bold innovation with subtle sophistication. We like to push boundaries while maintaining an understated elegance that resonates with our clients. Through our distinctive approach, we aim to inspire and captivate, creating meaningful connections that are long lasting.